Frequently Asked Questions!

Do you ship to countries outside of the UK?
Sorry, no and I won't do for the foreseeable future.

Are you taking commissions?
Sorry, not in the normal sense of the word, but I do take pre-orders of my stylised hounds in a limited range of colours via my Ko-fi membership at https://ko-fi.com/vickhorsleyceramics

Can I be put on a waiting list for your hounds/mugs etc?
I don't keep a waiting list (it'd be very long and people would be waiting forever) but instead have a subscribers list who I send out new stock email alerts to. You can sign up via the link in the 'Sign up' section, or message me directly if you prefer. 

Everything looks sold out or there's nothing on your products page. Do you have anything in stock?
Everything I have available will be on my products page. If it says 'sold out' it is indeed sold out!

How often do you restock?
It takes 4-6 weeks to make and restock. Everything is hand sculpted or hand built, I don't use moulds or slip cast, so it takes a long time!