Pre-order Info



To pre-order one of my stylised curled-up ceramic Sighthounds (approximately 10-12cm across), you'll need to sign up to my Ko-fi Membership at 

It costs £1 a month to join my Super Sighthound Supporter 'club' (unfortunately Ko-fi doesn't allow free memberships) but you can cancel at any time. 

Every few months I will release around 50 pre-order slots in the Commissions section of my Ko-fi page. These are first-come first-served and I will post the upcoming dates and times in my Ko-fi feed, which you will need to check regularly. Unfortunately Ko-fi doesn't allow bulk messaging.

If you are able to get a slot:

- You can choose any colour from the gallery (on my Ko-fi page). Please note that I CANNOT COLOUR-MATCH TO A PHOTOGRAPH. It is just not possible with the glazes that I use.

- Choose either a solid coat, generic coat pattern (white trim or ‘and white’) and/or a black mask.

- Alternatively for a possible small extra charge, unless relatively simple, I can try to pattern match to photographs. 
Please bear in mind that glazes move during firing and mental gymnastics are often required to reorientate coat patterns into the curled-up position of the hound, so total accuracy is not always possible.

- There is a non-refundable deposit of £1. (The system sets a minimum price.)

- Please note that this isn’t a commission in the sense of producing an identical portrait of your dog, but will be one of my stylised sleeping hounds in the colour(s) of your choice. 

- I can’t be definite on time scale - ceramics takes as long as it takes, but it’s usually a maximum of 4-6 weeks between each final glaze firing. This cannot be rushed, so please don’t order if you have a definite deadline for a gift, for example. 

- Ceramics can be unpredictable. Glazing is one part heat, one part chemistry and one part magic, so things can go wrong if the kiln gods are not with you! If you don’t like your hound, we can give it one more go in the next firing (in 4-6 weeks) if I think anything can be done to rectify the issue. 

- You’ll only be charged when you’re happy with your hound. I will send you photographs for approval. This will be a PayPal invoice sent to you by email, which can be paid for by PayPal, credit or debit card and affords you payment protection. Hounds are currently £60 plus £5.35 p&p.

- Please note that I'm still only shipping within the UK. If you are outside of the UK but have a friend/family member in the UK who can send it on to you or hold onto it until you visit, that's absolutely fine but you will need their UK address to be able to complete the pre-order.